Sports Betting System That Works: Using Science and Statistics to Win
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Sports Betting System That Works: Using Science and Statistics to Win

A sports betting system that applies advanced statistics and math to help you make more money on your sports gaming bets. This system has helped me increase my weekly winnings by 500%.

I've always known that math wizards can apply their statistics magic to casino games to increase their odds at winning. What I didn't know is that these same strategies can be applied to sports betting. I've always been a casual sports gambler - and have done OK since I do my research and know the ins and outs of the sports I play.

Then I came across Charlie Davis' statistics system for sports betting. Two of my buddies were making a killing using his program - and what irked me is that these guys knew next to nothing about sports! How could a system take a pure novice to earning hundreds if not thousands per week on their bets? I had to find out more, so I checked it out.

What came in the box was simple. An 80-page quick start booklet, a CD with the desktop software package, and a login for a secure website. Upon logging into the site, I created my account and was given access to a my personal Money Management Calculator. What this calculator does is it factors in your portfolio (how much cash you are playing, and how you are distributing that cash across games), your risk tolerance, and your confidence in the bet - and it calculates an exact Return on Investment (ROI) for you for that bet. What this does is helps you understand which bets are not going to be profitable statistically, and which ones are. So you increase your positions where you're most likely to make more money.

The calculator is based on some advanced statistics which are far beyond me, but what I can say is that my sports betting performance has improved by over a factor of 5. That's right, a 500% increase in my average weekly winnings - just based on smarter allocation of bets. I still use what I know about each game and I play what I want to play, but Charlie's system helps me understand where I should concentrate my money, and where I might be taking on a bit too much risk. It's really an amazing system, and it's very easy to apply.

Well anyways, I think many sports bettors, novice and advanced alike, can benefit from this system, I highly encourage any of you to check it out. Good luck!

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Comments (1)

Hello???? You don't bother to provide a link to this program. WHERE IS IT? I can't find Charlie Davies ANYWHERE on Google or Bing. I keep getting the idiot soccer player Charlie Davies instead. Don't post an article if you're not willing to provide a link.