Runescape Combat Training Guide Turoths and Skeletons
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Runescape Combat Training Guide Turoths and Skeletons

Gaming - Runescape: Skeletons are good to train on
Skeletons -


You will need armor with high melee defense such as rune, dragon or barrows because the skeletons, level 80, use a melee-type attack. Bring an Abyssal whip or a Dragon scimitar along with a Rune defender for fast and accurate attacks for good training. Also bring food such as Sharks or better because they are relatively inaccurate but still hit up to eight in damage and you will want to stay there for a long time for better training.


Go to Ardougne and after having done Desert Treasure use your Ring of visibility and go down the ladder. Run past the ladder underground and north until you are in a small room with four Skeletons.


Just kill. You will get about 30-40k experience per hour at level 100 and not much else. These are not famous for drops but they are an undiscovered and secret training source for high levels. This is why I recommend this spot for high-level training, only for those who are worthy and have completed the quest: Desert Treasure.

Turoths -


You will need armor with high-melee defence bonus such as Dragon because they use a strong melee-type attack. Bring an Abyssal whip or a Dragon scimitar along with a defender for strong accurate attacks, Dragon long-swords and DDSes work well, too. You will not need any food because you will be praying but a few pieces in case are helpful. Bring food like Monkfish because they are pretty accurate. 55 slayer is required to fight them, a Slayer helmet is a necessity because it has a good bonus and defence values. Bring a Leaf-bladed sword for your weapon, it is a necessity.


Go to Relleka and head East, then North until you reach the slayer caves. There are chambers in the cave, the Turoths are in the fifth one.


Kill them with your Leaf-bladed sword. They drop many high level herbs and good herb seeds as well as Mystic gold bottoms. They also drop Level 3 Clue scrolls which I love to complete. It is great money there and they are also good experence for anyone who wishes to train as well.

I hope this guide helps people trying to train and make money in Runescape--and look out for more of these guides in the future!

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It is so amazing what technology can do but it is also somehow alarming because it is now invading the world. Just like in this article, combat training I thought is for soldiers or people only but even computer games has it now. I hope it still gives justice to the real one.