How to Win on Wheel of Fortune on
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How to Win on Wheel of Fortune on

Wheel of Fortune is a very popular television game show that has been on the air for decades and reaches over 100 million viewers worldwide. At WorldWinner you can play free games or cash games; find out how to win with this article!

Wheel of Fortune is a very popular television game show that has been on the air for decades and reaches over 100 million viewers worldwide. Some online gaming sites feature their own version of the game so people can have fun competing online.

At WorldWinner you can play free games or cash games if your state allows it and you are of legal gambling age. Cash games have a set dollar amount as the winning prize and will not be the dollar amount you receive in the game. For example, your score at Wheel of Fortune in a cash competition may be $6500, but the game may only payout $3.75 for a 5-player competition where the entry fee is $1.00 each.

What I Like

Wheel of Fortune on functions very similarly to the popular television game show. Similar to the game hangman, the object of Wheel of Fortune is to complete a puzzle which can be a phrase, a person, a place, or a number of other topics. You spin a prize wheel to see how much each letter of your guess will be worth. For example, if you spin the wheel and it lands on $500, and you guess the letter D and there happen to be three Ds in the puzzle, you will bank $1500 for that turn. You then have the option to spin again to guess another consonant, buy a vowel for $250, or solve the puzzle.

Of course, on the wheel there are also hazards such as "Lose a Turn" and "Bankrupt," so if one knows the answer to the puzzle, one must weigh carefully before spinning the wheel to try to get more money.

What I Dislike

I wish there were more rounds before the bonus round. I understand some people want to play quick games, but why not have the option to play a "speed version" or something similar? Sometimes a puzzle is very difficult to solve, so it would be nice to have the option of perhaps two rounds minimum before the bonus round for a more fair play amongst the board. If you don't solve the first puzzle you don't get to advance to the bonus round.


Speed is definitely one of the most important elements to getting a high score and winning on Wheel of Fortune on WorldWinner. Per the rules listed at WorldWinner for this game: "If you successfully solve the puzzle phrase in the Main Round, you will receive a Speed Bonus based on how long it took you to solve the puzzle. The Speed Bonus begins at $5000 and counts down at a rate of $25 per second. If you do not solve the Main Round puzzle within 200 seconds, the game ends and you do not receive a bonus."

Similarly, if you are lucky enough to guess all the consonants in the puzzle without needing the assistance of buying any vowels at $250 each, your score will be higher.

More Games on WorldWinner

There are other "Game Show Games" featured on, including Jeopardy (with multiple choice answers available for you to choose), Family Feud (also with multiple choice answers where you must pick the most popular answers from the list), and others.

There are also dozens of other games available for free and for cash competitions, such as the very popular Bejeweled Blitz, Scrabble, Dynomite, Big Money, Catch 21, Plants vs Zombies, and others.


personal experience and observations Wheel of Fortune Rules

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we have a quebec lottery where you spin the wheel to see how much you won

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