How to Play the Slot Machine for the Big Win
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How to Play the Slot Machine for the Big Win

You can win in the slot machine if you know what you are doing.

Every gambler wants to win and every gambler is looking for some ways in order to win big money to bring home. But there are times when the machine you choose does not give any winnings no matter what you do and no matter how you are trying to apply every trick you have learned. Sometimes your winnings could depend on how lucky you are on that day. Gamblers believe that there are lucky days for them and there are unlucky days.

As a wise gambler you should know how to observe how your slot machine works. Slot machines are computerized and will likely follow some patterns as you play the machine. But you have to look at the changes that take place and how the machine works. Playing the slot machine does not always give you winnings. Your winnings will depend on your choice of machine that you play. If you have been a frequent player in the slot machines, you already know what machine to play.

Here are some tips to follow before betting maximum in the slot machine for the big win.

Choose your machine

The first thing that you should do is to choose your slot machine that you think could give you your winnings. There are machines that give winnings as soon as you sit down but there are machines that give winnings after you have stacked bills inside it and played it for a long time. You should know how to spot a good machine. If you play the machine and it does not yield money after several taps, better leave the machine and move to another one before all your credits are consumed.

Start by betting minimum

You can bet big if you have the money but if you are gambling with limited budget start with small bets. Gambling is like investing in business, the bigger you invest, the more money you will get in return. If you bet big, your chances of winning big money is better. But if you have limited budget, you can start by betting small. Observe how your machine works. If it gives frequent and big bonus, your machine will more likely yield big money for you but if your machine keeps giving bonus with very small winnings, do not try betting bigger because it will more likely consume your money.

Go for the jackpot

Frequent players of the slot machine know when a certain machine yields the jackpot money. The trick is to play one machine for a long time until it gets hot and tired. That’s the time you bet maximum. Wait for your money to grow big then bet big. You can bet maximum if you strongly feel and believe that your machine will give you the jackpot money but if you observe that your machine is slowly consuming your credit, it is time to collect your money and move to another machine.

Collect your money once you win

The best way to win in the slot machine is to collect your money once you win. Do not wait for the jackpot because it comes rarely to players. Once you won any amount, collect your money and go home. Do not stay too long in the casino wishing to have more winnings because the longer you stay the more likely that you are going to lose instead of winning. The money in your hand is a sure win. The jackpot that you are wishing to win is not yet in your hand so you should bring home the money you have in your hands and go back next time to try your luck again.


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Comments (3) tell us how to go about playing the Lotto - I wish there was a formula. But then, of course there would be no lotto.....or slot machines. But don't let my cynicism deter you Felisa - it makes good reading, and of course healthy debate - I respect your point of view, even if I don't agree. :-)

Thanks Colin. This is of course just my opinions and things I heard from people who frequent the casino slot machines. Thanks for your honest opinion.