Experience the Fan of the Lego City: HOw to Play Lego City Game
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Experience the Fan of the Lego City: HOw to Play Lego City Game

Games are important parts of children as they grow as some of them sharpen their wits. There are many different types of games which exist so far. Try Lego city

Games are important parts of children as they grow as some of them sharpen their wits. There are many different types of games which exist so far. One of such is the Lego games. These games use the Lego bricks and concept of construction or building so as to motivate the players to get used to the rules. Initially, you had to buy the playing manual and bricks however; with the much growth in technology you could play the games via the internet. You need not to hustle any more with the tiny bricks while you play the game, you would play the game online thought this makes the game to have a new meaning. All you need is to follow just a few steps and you will be enjoying the fan of playing the game. However, if you want to try out the Lego City, you could go for the actual bricks it is a very exciting game that you will enjoy so much.

The Lego city features different areas for the city and you will be expected to use some additional sets of the normal Lego building blocks to create all the features. You could do this while online or by using the real bricks from Lego. Some of the feature that your will be expected to build is the new high speed passenger train. The train move faster than a bullet to ensure that it takes the various passengers to their destinations and you should build it while it is on track. The train is able of carry up to 8 cars, and it is remote controlled using 4 channels and 7 speed remote control.

The other part if the Lego city you could also enjoy constructing is the fire station. Here there are fire fighters dedicated to protect the city and if it happens that a fire broke in the city, the alarm at the fire station goes off. You will also be cultivated with the construction of the ever busy Lego farm which shows some sun rising. The famers and their assistants should be getting ready on the tractor as well as the trailer ready for harvesting. There are also other activities going on in the farm which include feeding and milking the cows, storing fresh hay bays and emptying some of the silos for market.

There is much activity in the police station and the police are hunting a prisoner who has just escaped, if you happen to find the prisoner just throw him back to prison. There are other things like the tow truck which when you notice that there is a car that has broken down, you should quickly hook it up and tow it to garage for repair. You should therefore expect the city to have a garage. Build one as this is where the towed car will be taken to. As you tow the car you should ensure that the emergency lights are on too. To the city corner build the city as much as possible with activity going on as usual, a boy trying to get a skateboard of his dream, will he? A businessman waiting for a bus and someone looking for fresh pizza, you will then build where each of the people will get their services. You will have a bus, a bike or skate shop as well as a pizzeria.

Lego city has a construction site. It is enormous and shows that it is time for working. As the big shovel digger is busy trying to scope some dirt, a truck is arriving with some constructing material. There is a construction employee who is busy moving in an elevator the hooks the construction piece from the truck to its place. Finally the Lego city has some roads so you should add them as much as possible

Having had the vivid description of the Lego city, it is time you should go on how to construct the city. It is the part of you will enjoy so much. Children find so much passion in the exercise and love it so much. All you require is to get the Lego sets together and using the power your imagination, but them together and create the city. If you have Lego sets which have different periods or scales it does not matter. To be able to build the city you will be required to clear an area which is big enough. You could also use a very large table if it happens to be available. Ensure the place you have cleared will not be in use for some time as you don’t want to tear it immediately.

Begin with the Lego mass transit, if you happen to have the Lego ensure you have a track which the train should use and is should be around the city. The mass transit will act as the demarcation for your city. Start developing the various infrastructures, use the blocks to make tall structures and then go to the monorail which should go through some of the building bring about the skyline idea for the Lego city your are designing and this will help create the horizon. You can go then to making the Lego main street. Make all the Lego sets you. Fill the town and streets with vehicles and building and all the blocks you have.

Finally, start making putting the vehicles on the Lego city. There should be different vehicles which will include the ambulances, police patrols, cranes, trucks and many others. The other feature you should remember is the Lego parks as well as the green spaces. Put the Lego trees, benches and grass so as to have the green spaces all around the city. This will help break the monotony of a city without vegetation. You can then create the Lego farm and what it has and continue in the similar manner until you consume all the bricks you had. As you continue building the city, if some of the blocks representing the various thing like vehicles and so on are of different colors or sizes. The whole idea is to have fun and be creative. There should be no rule or limitation to what you can do, exhaust your creativity in this area.


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