Achievement Unlocked: How to Save Money on Video Games
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Achievement Unlocked: How to Save Money on Video Games

Some of the best ways to save money on video games. Saving money on video games has got to be one of the best feelings.

There are two topics which are popular in many households: saving money and video games. Video games have experienced a great surge with the casual games and MMOs, and saving money is perinneal. Combining the two hobbies brings smiles to both faces and pocketbooks. Here's some great ways to save money on video games.

1. Borrow from friends

Friends are our lifeline, our connection to the outside world. They're the ones who keep us out of danger, and give us smiles wen we're feeling down. They also purchase the latest and greatest video games to add to their collections. They're usually more than willing to part with their games for a little while, if only to have someone to talk with about them.

2. Form a library with friends

This plays on the last tip. Where borrowing from one friend is great, borrowing from many friends is even better. Pool all of the games that are in the respective households so there is a complete library available of the console and non-console games. Distribute the list to everyone involved, and borrow with impunity.

3. Play older games

It's well known that older games are cheaper to play. Many of them can be found in the bargain bins at the local electronics store. Depending on the history of the game, these can also provide more of a challenge to players. Many nights have been spent getting the last hearts, the last gems, and the last orbs.

4. Use older consoles

The PS3 is out and thriving, but there are still plenty of great games available for the PS2. For those who love RPGs, there's entire series of Atlus games available, like Shin Megami Tensei and more. The Spyro games are always fun for those who like the more casual atmosphere on the PS2. The Wii will also play Gamecube games.

5. Steam

Steam frequently offers their games at significant discounts to their members. One can purchase a game which was normally $19.99 at less than $5. They also offer plenty of content surrounding the games, and have developed an incredibly user friendly community.

6. Free Flash Games

Some of the flash games are more challenging and entertaining than the ones that can be found in the stores. There are mountains of games in every category, games which have been created by poor and starving developers who just want to get their foot (feet?) in the door. In fact, some developer projects have led to notice and acclaim.

7. Try before you buy

Many video games have demos available. All of the games on one casual gaming site are try before you buy, each with one hour available to use the products. This helps to weed out the wheat from the chaff, because if a player can't tolerate an hour of the game, they're probably not going to want to purchase it.

8. Rentals

Players can get a hold of rental games easier than ever. There are several sites which will stream the game directly to the computer, or send out the disks on which to play. Usually, the cost of the rental is significantly less than the cost of the game, and it gives the players a great determination on whether they wish to purchase.

9. Used Games

Some of the game shops are all about saving money on video games. To that end, they offer used games for sale at a significant discount. Think about this like a car - once the wrapper has been broken, the value of the game goes down significantly. It will still definitely be worth playing, just at a lower price.

10. Reviews

Reviews don't directly save money on video games. What they do, however, is give other players an idea of the pros and cons associated with the game. Is there a camera problem that comes up within the first few minutes? How about the lame ending? That is something which is talked about and it gives players an idea about whether they wish to purchase.

11. Internet Cafes

An internet cafe is a place where players gather to play the latest and greatest in video games. This also gives gamers a chance to check out the newest games on the market to find out whether they wish to purchase. Normally, a gamer pays a nominal fee per hour, significantly less than the cost of the game itself.

12. Replay old games

Truly great games have significant replay value. There might have been the secret cache that wasn't gotten the first time that it was played. There might be a different set of characters that wasn't touched the first time around. Every gamer has a set of old video games which are sitting on the shelves and gathering dust, might as well use them.

Playing video games is a great hobby for many, just as saving money. When players save money on their video games, they are keeping it in their pockets for the really important things that show up on the horizon.

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