A Skeptical Look at Larry Blair's Lotto Black Book
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A Skeptical Look at Larry Blair's Lotto Black Book

Is Larry Blair's Lotto Black Book really every lottery player's must-have or just an elaborate scam? Read this article to learn more.

The lotto, like any other form of gambling, is a game of chance. The odds will always either favor you or work against you, depending on several factors. Mostly it depends on the number of digits you’ll need to match in order to win. The more digits up for grabs, the less chance there is of winning. In any case, the chance of winning the lotto is tremendously slim.

Enter Mr. Larry Blair. He introduces himself as a 44-year-old math professor and family man from Oklahoma. He goes on to reveal that he has unlocked the secrets to increase the chances of winning any lottery by up to nearly 50%. As proof he empathetically describes how after eighteen years of no luck he was able to win the lotto three times in a row. He also shows letters and messages from hundreds of happy winners who took his advice. All you have to do to gain his secrets and possible enrich your life (at least materially) is to buy his Lotto Black Book for $96.83.

Is Mr. Blair truly a well-meaning fellow or just a very convincing con artist? The fact is, he really does know his numbers, and has found a way to pick out the best combinations that have greater chances of winning the lottery. He presents this in a step-by-step manner that begins with learning how the lotto system works and ends with a formula to choose the best number for winning. While studying in numbers and formulae may appear daunting, it really does help one understand the inner works of the system. And even how to have an eye for the numbers with the highest probabilities of winning.

Of course there are those who will say that no one can really magically increase their chances of winning the lottery. Even Mr. Blair realizes this – many times over he stresses that the Lottery Black Book will not guarantee a sure win and will not make you a winner overnight. Simply put, it is a method that makes your odds of winning higher, a guide to tip the gambler’s scale a bit more on your side if you will.

If you’re a lottery novice the Lotto Black Book will give at least a very useful insight into how the system works. For more seasoned players it can be an ally – given you comprehend and follow its instructions. And while this book may help up your odds winning, it is not a free pass to place your numbers till kingdom come. After all, the lottery is still a form of gambling. And with gambling, a sound mind and moderation are important.

You can read the first two chapters of this book for free from Larry Blair's website.

(photo courtesy of islandcrisis.net)

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